Monday, May 18, 2009

Ein Maga Whaaaa?

Where to direct your gaze, when riding in a cramped, and crowded, subway train, can often be an issue. Staring at advertisements can only suffice ones attention for maybe two stops. I have come to enjoy reading over peoples shoulders. You are already pressed against them, why not become even more unified by enjoying the same piece of literature? Today I was able to enjoy Ein Magazin uber Orte, "a mono-thematic magazine, which was launched by Elmar Bambach, photographer Julia Marquardt and graphic designer Birgit Vogel." It is published in German and English. Each issue is based on a different location. A mixture of photographs, illustrations and text. I have yet to actually read it, but I will be heading to St. Mark's bookshop (the only listed U.S. seller) soon to take a closer gander. The above image is from the Kitchen issue.

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